Good News Of Hope
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1st Sunday AdventThe Miracles Of PerseveranceSunday
1st Sunday AdventPreparation For The Lord’s ComingSunday
1st Sunday AdventWatch, Wait, Prepare For The Lord’s ComingSunday
1st Sunday AdventSpiritual Earthquake PredictedSunday
1st Sunday AdventWaiting-Working Constructively For The Lord’s ComingSunday
2nd Sunday AdventDo You Believe The Lord Is Coming?Sunday
2nd Sunday AdventPreparing For The Lord’s Coming Demands RepentanceSunday
2nd Sunday AdventPreparing The SoulSunday
2nd Sunday AdventWhy The Lord DelaysSunday
3rd Sunday AdventBe Witnesses And Instruments Of The LightSunday
3rd Sunday AdventThe Lamp And The Light, The Voice And The WordSunday
3rd Sunday AdventThe Light Of JoySunday
3rd Sunday AdventSad Or Joyful?Sunday
3rd Sunday AdventReceivers And Transmitters Of The LightSunday
3rd Sunday AdventSpiritual Light Is Greater Than Spiritual DarknessSunday
4th Sunday AdventGod Wants To Do Something Greater For YouSunday
4th Sunday AdventGod’s Plans Can Interrupt Our OwnSunday
4th Sunday AdventThe Master Architect-The Model BuilderSunday
ChristmasThe Mystery Of LoveSolemnity
ChristmasJesus - The Light Of Enduring LoveSolemnity
Feast - Holy FamilyThe Spiritual Difference In FamiliesSunday
Feast - Holy FamilyOn Imitating The Holy FamilySunday
Feast - Holy FamilyCan The Holy Family Help Us? Can My Family Be Holy?Sunday
Feast - Holy FamilyThe Family: Place Of ContradictionsSunday
Feast Of EpiphanyThe Spiritually WealthySolemnity
Feast Of EpiphanyRise Up To See And Share The Light Of ChristSolemnity
Feast Of EpiphanyA Light For All PeoplesSolemnity
Feast Of EpiphanySplendid!Solemnity
Feast Of EpiphanyFollowing Stars-Being StarsSolemnity
Baptism Of The LordPowerSunday
Baptism Of The LordTimes Of New Direction And AffirmationSunday
Baptism Of The LordThe Difference The Spirit MakesSunday
2nd Sunday YearThree Stages And Three Calls Toward Hearing GodSunday
2nd Sunday YearHow The Lord SpeaksSunday
2nd Sunday YearHearingSunday
3rd Sunday YearNetsSunday
3rd Sunday YearLife Changing AdjustmentsSunday
3rd Sunday YearAbandoning The Net And Vice Of AddictionSunday
4th Sunday YearHearing Life Giving WordsSunday
4th Sunday YearOne Of Life’s Profound Mysteries!Sunday
4th Sunday YearResisting The Glory Of ChristSunday
5th Sunday YearDoes Your Life Reflect Job’s Description?Sunday
5th Sunday YearCompulsionsSunday
5th Sunday YearBe Careful Of Limited AcceptanceSunday
5th Sunday YearLiving Malspel Or GospelSunday
6th Sunday YearLeprosy Of SinSunday
6th Sunday Year“Leprous Experiences”Sunday
6th Sunday YearPowerful Courage And HealingSunday
7th Sunday Year“Do You Not Perceive It?”Sunday
1st Sunday LentWhat Can Happen In The Spiritual WastelandSunday
1st Sunday LentTemptation(s)Sunday
1st Sunday LentTemptation And SatanSunday
1st Sunday LentThe Spiritual DesertSunday
1st Sunday LentA Time To Be In The Spiritual Desert WastelandSunday
First Sunday LentWhat Does It Mean To Reform Your Lives?Sunday
2nd Sunday LentTestsSunday
2nd Sunday LentFinding The Provided RamSunday
2nd Sunday LentTransfiguring ExperiencesSunday
2nd Sunday LentA Greater Tragedy Than Sin Possibly!Sunday
3rd Sunday LentOne Good Reason For Keeping The CommandmentsSunday
3rd Sunday LentTemples Of His GlorySunday
3rd Sunday LentThe Lord Comes To The TempleSunday
3rd Sunday LentEssential Life RealitiesSunday
3rd Sunday LentAre You Among The Wise?Sunday
3rd Sunday LentDecisionSunday
4th Sunday LentOn Love And CondemnationSunday
4th Sunday LentTo See Jesus We Have To Learn The Lessen Of The Grain Of WheatSunday
4th Sunday LentThe Purpose Of CaptivitiesSunday
4th Sunday LentCondemnation-SalvationSunday
4th Sunday LentDescriptionsSunday
4th Sunday LentThe Dangerous Shadowy ZoneSunday
4th Sunday LentReflectionsSunday
5th Sunday LentThe Grains Of Wheat LessonSunday
5th Sunday LentThe Teacher Within UsSunday
5th Sunday LentThe Greatest Subjects Are For EveryoneSunday
5th Sunday LentFinding One's Self By Losing One's SelfSunday
5th Sunday Lent BThe Cost Of Seeing JesusSunday
Passion SundayWe ChooseSunday
Passion SundayJesus’ Passion:Our PassionSunday
5th Sunday Lent BThree Great Passovers - Deliverances To FreedomSunday
Easter SundayEaster Vision - The Other Side Of StruggleSolemnity
Easter SundayThe Vision Of ResurrectionSolemnity
Easter SundayBe Intent On A Deeper Life Of FaithSolemnity
Easter SundayJesus’ Resurrection: Our ResurrectionSolemnity
Easter SundayThe Hidden LifeSolemnity
2nd Sunday EasterThe Thomas ExperienceSunday
2nd Sunday EasterFaith In The Risen Lord And His Mercy And MissionSunday
2nd Sunday EasterMercySunday
2nd Sunday EasterThe Power Of True Faith And LoveSunday
2nd Sunday EasterFearful Faith ExperiencesSunday
2nd Sunday EasterThe Importance Of Faith For Life And MissionSunday
2nd Sunday EasterThomas’ Saving DecisionSunday
3rd Sunday EasterKnowingSunday
3rd Sunday EasterHuman And Divine GlorySunday
3rd Sunday EasterThe Unrecognized One(s)Sunday
3rd Sunday EasterGhostly Faith Or Gospel Faith?Sunday
3rd Sunday EasterThe Breaking Of Three BreadsSunday
4th Sunday EasterYou Are Called To Be A Shepherding PersonSunday
4th Sunday EasterWould You Answer This Vocations’ Ad?Sunday
4th Sunday EasterGood Deeds On TrialSunday
4th Sunday EasterWhat Are We To Look Like? How Are We To Live?Sunday
5th Sunday EasterLivingSunday
5th Sunday EasterWe Need The Vine, Its Life, And BranchesSunday
5th Sunday EasterA Branch Bearing Fruit On The Vine Of ChristSunday
6th Sunday EasterThe Power To LoveSunday
6th Sunday EasterDo You Receive-Accept Divine-Human Love?Sunday
6th Sunday EasterLove Is The Power Needed To LoveSunday
6th Sunday EasterAre You Acceptable?Sunday
6th Sunday EasterImportance Of A Mother’s LoveSunday
Ascension Of The LordKnow And Proclaim The Ascended LordSolemnity
7th Sunday EasterWhich Scriptures Are You Living Out?Sunday
7th Sunday EasterThe Spirit Of LoveSunday
Feast Of PentecostThe Engulfing Power Of LoveSolemnity
Feast Of PentecostLooking Into Others’ Past Is Looking Into Our FutureSolemnity
Feast - Holy TrinityAre You Happy To Be Chosen?Solemnity
Feast - Holy TrinityGod’s Nature Reflected In OursSolemnity
Feast - Holy TrinityRespond To God And People As They Reveal Themselves!Solemnity
Feast - Holy TrinityThe Encounter With GodSolemnity
Body And Blood of ChristPainful Experiences-Memories Leading To Healing - EucharistSunday
Body And Blood Of ChristFoods Effects On HealthSunday
Body And Blood Of ChristSpiritual JourneysSunday
Body And Blood Of ChristThe Encounter With GodSunday
12th Sunday Year“Bad Squall Blowups” In Life - Occasions For FaithSunday
12th Sunday YearExpect The UnexpectedSunday
12th Sunday YearFaith And FearSunday
Birth of John The BaptistThe Importance Of John The Baptist And Yours TooFeast
13th Sunday YearThe Amazing Power Of Personal FaithSunday
13th Sunday YearHealing Is Familiar And RegularSunday
13th Sunday YearFaith Makes A Big Difference!Sunday
14th Sunday YearThe Experience Of Ezekiel, Paul, Jesus And OurselvesSunday
14th Sunday YearThe Value Of Weakness, Sin, And IgnoranceSunday
14th Sunday YearIndependence-Dependence, Weakness-strengthSunday
14th Sunday YearThe Spiritual Importance Of WeaknessesSunday
14th Sunday YearHome Town Folks And Other BarriersSunday
15th Sunday YearA Willing Formula - How To Market A Good ProductSunday
15th Sunday YearOn Being SentSunday
15th Sunday YearRecognize, Receive, And Use Christ’s PowerSunday
15th Sunday Year"Travel Heavy"-"Travel Light"-Two Conflicting CallsSunday
16th Sunday YearPreparation, Execution, RecoverySunday
16th Sunday YearTeaching Meets Life NeedsSunday
16th Sunday YearWhat Stirs Your Compassion?Sunday
17th Sunday YearThree Great Virtues-humility, Gentleness, PatienceSunday
17th Sunday YearFirst Fruits Given MultiplySunday
17th Sunday YearThe Lord Can Do A Lot With Your Little!Sunday
17th Sunday YearThe Lord Works With The Little We OfferSunday
18th Sunday YearRelational WorkingSunday
18th Sunday Year“Surviving In The Deserts Of Human Life”Sunday
18th Sunday YearSeeking The Lord Of The BlessingsSunday
18th Sunday YearSeeking Imperishable FoodSunday
Transfiguration Of The LordTransfiguring ExperiencesSunday
19th Sunday YearSaddeningSunday
19th Sunday YearBurnout And Its CureSunday
19th Sunday Year“Take Sufficient Food For Your Journey Of Life”Sunday
20th Sunday YearMaking The Most Of The Present OpportunitySunday
20th Sunday YearChoose Wisdom Over FollySunday
20th Sunday YearLiving WisdomSunday
20th Sunday YearWisdom Verses FoolishnessSunday
21st Sunday YearFree To Stay- Free To LeaveSunday
21st Sunday YearMorality And Faith: “To Whom Shall We Go?”Sunday
21st Sunday YearDecisionsSunday
22nd Sunday YearObserve-Judge-ActSunday
22nd Sunday YearThe Lord’s Saving PresenceSunday
22nd Sunday YearDo You Know What Is In Your Human HeartSunday
22nd Sunday YearThe Human HeartSunday
22nd Sunday YearWorkSunday
23rd Sunday YearThe Miracle Of Hearing The Word Of GodSunday
23rd Sunday YearWorking And Groaning With DeafnessSunday
23rd Sunday YearDeafnessSunday
23rd Sunday YearDifferences-ChangesSunday
23rd Sunday YearSigns Leading To SalvationSunday
Feast - Holy CrossIt’s Better To Carry The True CrossFeast
24th Sunday YearFaith Expressed In WorksSunday
24th Sunday YearVital Faith QuestionsSunday
24th Sunday YearKnowledge Best Precedes ExperienceSunday
24th Sunday YearWays Faith Grows Or DeclinesSunday
24th Sunday YearThe Demands Of A Personal Conviction Of FaithSunday
25th Sunday YearDescriptions Of OurselvesSunday
25th Sunday YearWhy Are The Just Made To Suffer?Sunday
25th Sunday YearAdjustmentsSunday
25th Sunday YearTwo Kinds Of WisdomSunday
25th Sunday YearClose Sources Of Trouble To Living Our TruthSunday
26th Sunday YearEnd ResultsSunday
26th Sunday YearKnow The Lord’s Friends-Take ResponsibilitySunday
26th Sunday YearOn Doing What Is Most ImportantSunday
26th Sunday YearConsequencesSundy
27th Sunday YearWhat Can We Say About MarriageSunday
27th Sunday YearCommandments Are For LifeSunday
27th Sunday YearAn Eternal PerspectiveSunday
27th Sunday YearFollow The Lord’s TeachingsSunday
28th Sunday Year“Good Teacher, What Must I Do To Share In Everlasting Life?”Sunday
28th Sunday YearAn Accurate ScannerSunday
28th Sunday YearCall - Joy Or SadnessSunday
28th Sunday YearClose CallsSunday
29th Sunday YearSufferings And Human Needs Are GracesSunday
29th Sunday YearAspire To Greatness According To The GospelSunday
29th Sunday YearThe Grace To Be “Crushed In Infirmity”Sunday
30th Sunday YearTake Hope “He Is Calling You” Out Of Your BlindnessSunday
30th Sunday YearBlindness OvercomeSunday
30th Sunday YearPain Can Lead To Wanting To OvercomeSunday
30th Sunday YearHow Bad Do You Want To See?Sunday
All Saints DayKeep The Commandments And Fear The Lord For Good Health And Long LifeSolemnity
All Saints DayCommandments Express God’s Love For UsSolemnity
All Saints DayLaws For Our Temporal And Eternal HealthSolemnity
All Saints DayThe Basic Commandments Are IndividualizedSolemnity
All Saints DayA Source Of Hope For Us In The Great Number Of SaintsSolemnity
All Souls DayDead HopeSolemnity
32nd Sunday YearThe Hard Job Of Elijah, Jesus, And The ChurchSunday
32nd Sunday YearHope By Acting On Faith First In Hopeless SituationsSunday
32nd Sunday YearTwo Poor Widows Challenge Us To Be Sacrificial GiversSunday
St. John LateranThe Living BuildingFeast
33rd Sunday YearThe Future’s Power Over Our PresentSunday
33rd Sunday YearGod’s Justice FilesSunday
33rd Sunday YearBefore He Comes In GlorySunday
33rd Sunday YearTrialsSunday
Christ The KingThe Kingdom Of God On The EarthSolemnity
Christ The KingListen To True WitnessesSolemnity
Christ The KingWhy Be A Loyal Servant Of Christ The KingSolemnity
Christ The KingHow Political Allegiance Differs From Faith AllegianceSolemnity
Christ The KingThe TruthSolemnity
8th Sunday YearThe Power Of LoveSunday
9th Sunday YearLet The Light Of Christ Shine Through Your Frail Vessel!
10th Sunday YearFearSunday
11th Sunday YearConfidenceSunday
11th Sunday YearThe Hidden Realities Of LifeSunday
11th Sunday YearGrowthSunday
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