Good News Of Hope
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1st Sunday of AdventOn Being Prepared For Future EventsSunday
1st Sunday of AdventEvents Demanding PreparationSunday
1st Sunday of AdventThe Need To Be PreparedSunday
1st Sunday of AdventDo Today’s Work Today To Prepare For TomorrowSunday
2nd Sunday of AdventResponding To The Crisis Of The Lord’s ComingSunday
2nd Sunday of AdventThe Future Salvation Events Will ComeSunday
2nd Sunday of AdventThe Lord’s Coming Demands RepentanceSunday
3rd Sunday of AdventDon’t Stay In Spiritual Deserts!Sunday
3rd Sunday of AdventSpiritual RejoicingSunday
3rd Sunday of Advent"Are You 'He Who Is To Come' Or Do We Look For Another?"Sunday
4th Sunday of AdventWhy Don’t We Ask The Lord? What To Give The Lord?Sunday
4th Sunday of AdventThe Lord Wants Us To AskSunday
4th Sunday of AdventA Time For Listening To The Lord And PeopleSunday
4th Sunday of AdventLive Simple Faith Like JosephSunday
ChristmasJesus - Our Saving LightSolemnity
ChristmasThe Realization Of Jesus As SaviorSolemnity
Holy FamilyOur Family And VirtuesWeekday
Holy FamilyA Holy Family Is Not A Perfect FamilyWeekday
Epiphany of the LordGift Of Revelation And Gift Of Ministry Go TogetherSolemnity
Epiphany of the LordBe Discerning Among StarsSolemnity
Epiphany of the LordStars Leading To ChristSolemnity
Baptism of the LordAnimals Help Us UnderstandFeast
Baptism of the LordReligious-Faith-Conversion ExperiencesFeast
Baptism of the LordMethods Of The ServantFeast
2nd Sunday YearIdentifying With The Lamb And The DoveSunday
2nd Sunday YearLiving A True IdentitySunday
2nd Sunday YearThe Grace Of Discernment And DecisivenessSunday
2nd Sunday YearHow We See-Perceive-Believe Affects Our ResponseSunday
3rd Sunday YearMany Messengers Called To Proclaim One MessageSunday
3rd Sunday YearThe Lord Speaks To Us Where We AreSunday
3rd Sunday YearWe Are To Live Christ’s LifeSunday
4th Sunday YearFor Spiritual HealthSunday
4th Sunday YearHow To Seek The Lord-the Blessed AttitudesSunday
Presentation of the LordPresent Circumstances Prepare For FutureFeast
5th Sunday YearSome Spiritual Laws And PrinciplesSunday
5th Sunday YearOn Being Salt And LightSunday
5th Sunday YearCan You Accept The Good Things Said About You?Sunday
6th Sunday YearYou Live With A MurdererSunday
6th Sunday YearAreas Of Growth And DestructionSunday
7th Sunday YearImportance And Need We Have For AffirmationSunday
7th Sunday YearOur Challenge: To Be Like GodSunday
7th Sunday Year"Do You Not Perceive It?"Sunday
8th Sunday YearTrust In The Lord No Matter WhatSunday
8th Sunday YearWhat Does It Mean To Worry?Sunday
9th Sunday YearAfflictions Serve A PurposeSunday
9th Sunday YearLife Changing-Directing WordsSunday
1st Sunday of LentDealing With TemptationSunday
1st Sunday of LentRecognizing And Responding To TemptationSunday
1st Sunday of LentTwo Great Realities Encountered By AllSunday
2nd Sunday of LentFaith’s JourneySunday
2nd Sunday of LentWe Have Transfiguration ExperiencesSunday
2nd Sunday of LentConditions For TransfigurationsSunday
3rd Sunday of LentLeave The Comforts Of Sin And SlaverySunday
3rd Sunday of LentOn Thirsts And HungersSunday
3rd Sunday of LentSpiritual Food And Drink Needed In Desert Of Human LifeSunday
4th Sunday of LentA Life Of Illumination-Faith Or Darkness-blindnessSunday
4th Sunday of LentThe Choice Of Light Or DarknessSunday
4th Sunday of LentThey Are Our Signs As WellSunday
5th Sunday of LentSeeking To Be Raised Up In Our LifeSunday
5th Sunday of LentSpiritually Dead Can Come To LifeSunday
5th Sunday of LentYou Are Cast In The Lenten SeriesSunday
Palm SundayPassion-Suffering In Your LifeSunday
Palm SundayMoving Toward The Final WeekSunday
Easter SundayJesus Is Risen: We Are Risen: We Can HopeSolemnity
Easter SundayTrue Life Altering Events-ExperiencesSolemnity
Easter SundayComing To The Tomb To Look For JesusSolemnity
2nd Sunday of EasterMercySunday
2nd Sunday of EasterPermanent InheritancesSunday
2nd Sunday of EasterLiving On Spiritual Milk And BreadSunday
3rd Sunday of EasterInterpret-Judge Life RightlySunday
3rd Sunday of EasterOur Life Experiences Can Be Interpreted AccuratelySunday
3rd Sunday of EasterCalled To Faith And Life In The Risen LordSunday
3rd Sunday of EasterListen, Conduct, Realize, Believe, Recognize, BurnSunday
3rd Sunday of EasterSpiritual Hide And SeekSunday
4th Sunday of EasterCalledSunday
4th Sunday of EasterRespond To God’s Saving Actions-Calls!Sunday
4th Sunday of EasterWhat The Lord Does - What We Are Called To DoSunday
5th Sunday of EasterChallenges-SolutionsSunday
5th Sunday of EasterNeeded: Those "Filled With Faith And The Holy Spirit"Sunday
5th Sunday of EasterJesus, The Living Stone, Makes Us Living StonesSunday
6th Sunday of EasterLove And Obedience Of Jesus Brings ParacleteSunday
6th Sunday of EasterConditions For The Holy Spirit’s ComingSunday
6th Sunday of EasterThe AdvocateSunday
Ascension of the LordThe Holy Spirit’s Work In Christ And The ChurchSolemnity
7th Sunday of EasterConnecting EventsSunday
7th Sunday of EasterWhat Experiences Are You Seeking?Sunday
Pentecost SundayThe Unseen But Ever Present Spirit ComesSolemnity
Pentecost SundayOld Law - New Law - Big DifferenceSolemnity
Pentecost SundayWind-Spirit Moves The Church Through The AgesSolemnity
Pentecost SundayA Truly Extraordinary Call!Solemnity
Trinity SundayOn Doing The Will Of GodSolemnity
Trinity SundayRespond Based On TruthSolemnity
Trinity SundayHuman Persons’ Revelations - Divine Persons’ RevelationsSolemnity
Body and Blood of ChristThe Best Of The The Spiritual Health FoodSunday
Body and Blood of ChristNecessary Food For Life’s JourneySunday
Body and Blood of ChristNecessary Food For LifeSunday
13th Sunday YearThe Way To Be Worthy Of The LordSunday
13th Sunday YearTeachings Of Life For LifeSunday
13th Sunday YearOur Needs Are Met When We Fill Others' NeedsSunday
13th Sunday YearFavors Of The Lord Come In Response To Others’ NeedsSunday
14th Sunday YearSpiritual And Political FreedomSunday
14th Sunday YearThe Burden Of Slavery And The Burden Of FreedomSunday
14th Sunday YearThe Freer We Are The More We Set Others FreeSunday
15th Sunday YearWhat Happens To Good NewsSunday
15th Sunday YearSoul’s Great Effect On The Power Of The WordSunday
15th Sunday YearBeing Spiritually FruitfulSunday
16th Sunday YearOn MotivationSunday
16th Sunday YearThere Are Weeds In Our WheatSunday
16th Sunday YearWhere Do Spiritual Weeds Come From?Sunday
16th Sunday YearWho Is The Smartest-Wisest?Sunday
17th Sunday YearRisking For The KingdomSunday
17th Sunday YearTrue Treasure Can Be FoundSunday
17th Sunday YearOn Being Learned In The Reign Of GodSunday
17th Sunday YearYour Buried TreasureSunday
18th Sunday YearWhy Spend Your Money For What Fails To Satisfy?Sunday
18th Sunday Year"You Give Them Some Food Yourselves"Sunday
18th Sunday YearOn Fulfilling Our Human NeedsSunday
18th Sunday YearOn Seeking To Fulfill Human NeedsSunday
19th Sunday YearThe Lord Is Greater Than The WavesSunday
19th Sunday YearCourage On The WavesSunday
19th Sunday YearWhen The Outstretched Hand ComesSunday
19th Sunday YearFaith In The Violent Storms Of LifeSunday
20th Sunday YearRejection By Some Provides For Acceptance By OthersSunday
20th Sunday YearThe Lord Lets Us Have Our WillSunday
AssumptionThe Struggle Ends In EternitySolemnity
21st Sunday YearMystery Answers And Clear QuestionsSunday
21st Sunday YearKeysSunday
21st Sunday YearOn Responding To Jesus’ QuestionsSunday
22nd Sunday YearBattlegroundsSunday
22nd Sunday YearSacrifice-Demands-Meet OppositionSunday
22nd Sunday YearCourage To Be Duped By The LordSunday
23rd Sunday YearOffending, Wronging, Injuring ResponsesSunday
23rd Sunday YearWatching, Warning, PersuadingSunday
23rd Sunday YearDifferent Words And AssignmentsSunday
24th Sunday YearThe Importance Of ForgivenessSunday
24th Sunday YearThe Dangerous Addiction Of Wrath, Anger, UnforgivenessSunday
24th Sunday YearForgiveness Is To Be Accepted And GivenSunday
25th Sunday YearAn Approach And Response To MysteriesSunday
25th Sunday YearUrgency And Passing On To OthersSunday
25th Sunday YearBetter Times For Seeking The LordSunday
26th Sunday YearDo The Work Of The Vineyard!Sunday
26th Sunday YearDebtsSunday
26th Sunday YearFinding Ourselves In StoriesSunday
27th Sunday YearThe Lord’s Responses Can Guide Our OwnSunday
27th Sunday YearYou Are A Cherished Fruit-Plant In The Lord’s Vineyard!Sunday
27th Sunday YearA Message For Us In Others’ StoriesSunday
28th Sunday YearOn What Makes For An Excellent DaySunday
28th Sunday YearCoping PowersSunday
28th Sunday YearBe Prepared To Respond To The Lord’s Invitation!Sunday
29th Sunday YearDifficulties Are GracesSunday
29th Sunday YearYes - You Are A Missionary!Sunday
29th Sunday YearThe Lord Works In Known And Unknown WaysSunday
30th Sunday YearWhat To Do And What Not To DoSunday
30th Sunday YearOn The Second And First CommandmentSunday
30th Sunday YearHuman Energy SourcesSunday
31st Sunday YearLive The TruthSunday
31st Sunday YearWhy Many Don’t Have Spiritual PeaceSunday
31st Sunday YearCalled To Give Glory To GodSunday
All SaintsMotivations For Living The Life Of FaithSolemnity
32nd Sunday YearDoes Desire Drive Love Or Love Desire?Sunday
32nd Sunday YearKeep Your "Flasks Of Oil" ReadySunday
32nd Sunday YearSpiritual Oil NeededSunday
33rd Sunday YearIn The Between Time Disciples Take InitiativeSunday
33rd Sunday YearThe Long Journey ContinuesSunday
33rd Sunday YearUse What You Have Been Entrusted WithSunday
Christ the KingKnowing And Serving Christ Our KingSolemnity
Christ the KingPrepare For The General JudgmentSolemnity
Christ the KingFinding And Serving Christ The KingSolemnity
Christ the KingWhat Is Hidden WorksSolemnity
11th Sunday YearSpiritual ConditionsSunday
11th Sunday YearThrough The Eyes Of ChristSunday
11th Sunday YearThe Lord Sees People’s Greatest NeedsSunday
12th Sunday YearPower Plays Become Faith Tests For The JustSunday
12th Sunday YearWhat To Fear, What Not To FearSunday
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